Pepita & Me, created by our designer Pepitamendieta. Stories beyond design, with amazing characters and unique stories to create the world and imagine the future. Join our endless story.


Pepita&Me is a designer brand created by Pepitamendieta that creates summer wear for boys and girls from 6 months to 12 years old; She is joyful, creative and has a wonderful entrepreneurial spirit. She loves to design the clothes kids will want to wear when they are having fun! It makes her happy to know kids use their confortable Pepita&Me clothes to run, play, swim, take naps at the beach, climb mountains, explore forests, cross oceans, and… especially to jump in the bed.


Kids are the future. Pepita loves how busy kids are living life to the fullest, learning about the world, discovering life’s mysteries, and yes, asking questions non- stop! It is no secret that as they play and have fun, as they make friends for life, and have one adventure after another, kids are already imagining and building a better future! Their stories are unfolding right here, right now, one happy moment and one #HappyPepita at a time.

That is why Pepita creates stories that will inspire kids with happy thoughts, magical creatures, and beautiful places so they keep creating their own stories and building a bright and colorful future.



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